We’re Gold Standard Radiation Detection - an R&D company working to make a more secure, healthy society

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide enabling technologies that make a disruptive improvement in the way things are done. 

Our passion is to solve problems that have potential to ‘rip apart the fabric of our society’ while improving the quality of our daily lives. 

We have multiple patents pending and issued in radiation sources and sensors. Here are three example problem solutions:

  • 100% cargo search without delays
  • Help keep you safe during and after worst case disaster 
  • Reduce complications from radiation treatment by up to 5 times

Our goal is to provide excellent return-on-investment via licensing and doing excellent works.

One Example - Our technology acquires its signal faster than anything out there

Our Technology

Our technology revolves around applications or problems that are not solved. Better solutions can be provided using our concepts. For instance, radiation can be used to probe dense materials such as pallets or cargo or treat cancer or better image a broken arm or moving turbine blade. For each of these a radiation source is need as well as sensors optimized for that radiation source.

We have ways of improving commercial ion, electron, and neutron sources as well as improved ways of measuring the outputs. Generally, the faster something like this can be done the better. Our technologies revolve around bursts of radiation and sensing those bursts. The picture is meant to illustrate how the technology relates to the mission – whether it is to reduce the time to inspect cars in a parking lot for a terrorist weapon or applying a precise amount of radiation to a tumor.

The “tunability” of not only our sensors but our sources allows optimization of these systems and other applications.

7 patents have been applied for.

Use Cases

We see multiple opportunities for disruptive improvements to existing methodologies which can reduce vulnerabilities in national security and improve health outcomes.

Emergency Response

We offer a way for communication during an emergency or loss of vital infrastructure

Supply Chain Security

We can find explosives, contraband and Weapons of Mass Destruction

Cancer Treatment

We've reduced the error in dose by 5x to reduce the error in response ~5x